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> Burlington Waterfront Housing PDF
Burlington, Vermont

A 40-unit apartment building on a Brownfield site. Site constraints included unstable slopes, no adjacent stormwater system, and limited sewer capacity. Additional constraints included 80% removal of runoff TSS and 40% removal of runoff phosphorus and the goal of making the project LEED certifiable. This project also included permit procurement and attendance at hearings..

Bay Road Stabilization

> Lake Street Extension PDF
Burlington, Vermont

A 400-foot extension to Lake Street on a narrow Brownfield site; site grading encapsulated existing soil contaminants. Stormwater design addressed existing flooding problems on Depot Street and 80% removal of TSS and 40% removal of phosphorus. This project also required a new 24” outfall to Lake Champlain.

Waterfront Project

> Burlington Waterfront Park Boardwalk and Promenade PDF
Burlington, Vermont

The focal point of Burlington’s Waterfront Park is a 700-foot long shoreline boardwalk and promenade north of the Burlington Boathouse. The 16’-wide boardwalk is an at-grade structure providing access to the shoreline; the promenade is a pile-supported structure extending out over the water.

Bridge of Flowers

> Bridge of Flowers & Light PDF
Enosburg Falls, Vermont

ACEC Year 2000 Grand Award, Category B. The landmark sand-filled arch bridge featured in the Enosburg Falls logo had been abandoned in-place since the 1960’s. Rather than tear down this dilapidated structure the Village chose to have it rehabilitated and converted into a pedestrian bridge.


Herrick Avenue School Addition
Milton, Vermont

The 5th and 6th grade addition to the existing elementary school required upgrading the failing drywell system and installation of a treatment system and 30” outfall. Utilities included water, sewer, gas, and stormwater treatment. Site features included sidewalks, bus drop-off areas, parking lots and driveways.